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Our own High End 9'' and 12'' tonearms. Designed and manufactured in Poland. Very universal and refined in every detail. Quality, attention to detail and perfect operation are key features which make of this tonearm unique and give our customers ability to play vinyl records with great sound quality.

Muarah Audio is Sorane official distributor in Poland. Japanese highest quality craftmanship is known around the world. Sorane tonearms are excellent companion for every high end turntable.

SA-1.2 High End 9'' tonearm. Extremely rigid rectangular shaped armwand provides rich and tight bass. Radial bearings for both horizontal and vertical suspension assure smooth tonearm function, greater longevity, better consistency, and enhanced ability to track warped vinyl. Black or silver finish available.

SA-1.2BCS Enhanced SA-1.2 model with additional features: silver internal wiring for superior signal to noise ratio, silver headshell cartridge leads. This model offers the choice of either positive or negative balance (convertible center of gravity), via two alternate counterweight stems (the first tonearm ever produced with this feature in the world).

TA-1 Classical high end design with S-shaped chrome armtube. Radial bearing shared with SA-1.2 for horizontal motion, while a delicate pivot bearing is employed for vertical movement (this is still a bearing, but the bearing axis end is cone shaped, and requires careful assembly and adjustment). Available with 9'' and 12'' length (TA-1L).

ZA-12 High End rectanglar shaped 12'' tonearm. The effective length and geometry gives very low tracking error. The stylus tip of the cartridge is maintained as closely to the centerline of the tonearm as possible. The mass distribution is kept as close to neutral as possible. Lead wires run through separate aluminum tubes inside the arm, maximizing stereo separation. Available also in black finish (ZA-12B).

Muarah Audio is Mørch product authorized seller. Mørch is Danish manufacturer designing and assembling their products in Europe. Line up consists of excellent tonearms luxuriously finished with chrome and gold. Tonearms are used in all Muarah Turntables as a standard equipment.

DP-8 High End tonearm. Dual pivot with anisotropic principle design that enhances deep bass performance. Horizontally oil damped. Available with 9'' and 12'' arm tubes.

DP-6 High End tonearm. Dual pivot bearing design. Horizontally oil damped. Available with 9'' and 12'' arm tubes

UP-4 High Quality tonearm. Uni pivot bearing design. Oil damped. Available with 9'' and 12'' arm tubes.

We chose also S-Shape model from Pro-Ject Audio Systems as a basic companion for our all turntables. It's excellent quality tonearm made of polished Aluminium.