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Muarah Audio is Jelco product official distributor. Jelco is Japan manufacturer designing and assembling their products in the country of a blooming cherry. Line up consists of excellent tonearms and accessories: cables, plugs and others. Tonearms are used in all Muarah Turntables as a standard equipment.

TK-950 High End Jelco tonearm. Dynamic-balance / Static-balance compatible. Available in S-9”/L-12” version

TK-850 High End Jelco tonearm. Static-balance system. The only one available in three length versions: S-9”/M-10”/L-12”.

TS-550 High Quality tonearm. Static-balance system. The only one model with oil damping.¬† Available in S-9”/L-12” version

TS-350 Basic model. Excellent Quality to price ratio. Static-balance system. Available in : S-9”/L-12” version